In a world full of struggle, God gives us hope.
A hope that can be tested and proven. A hope that will never dissapoint. God provides us evidence of his love and a simple way to access His promise of eternal life. Could use more hope and good news in your life?

  • GOD MADE YOU - God made you God made the world with authoritative commands ("Let there be...) but when it came time to form man, God did it gently, with His own two hands. You were created with great love and purpose. (Genesis 1)
  • GOD KNOWS YOU - Not like your friends know you. Not even like your family knows you. God new you before you were born (Jeremiah 1:5) and knows our inner-most thoughts and feelings now (Psalm 119)
  • GOD LOVES YOU - God loves you more than we can even imagine. Even on your worst day and your darkest hour. He loved you enough to send His only son in order to save YOU! (John 3:16)
  • GOD'S HAS A PLAN - God desires to save each of us from sin and welcome us into eternal life with Him (2 Peter 3:9). This wonderful gift is free to all who hear, believe, turn from wrong, confess, are baptized (immersed in water), and continue living for God. 
  • LOVE - All this we do in love. Love for our God overflows into love for each other, our ohana, and our community. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

Study with us.

We don't know all the answers, but we know the God who does.  If we can help you in anyway, please reach out.


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